Summer break, also called summer holiday or summer vacation, is a break between school years and the time off in the school academic year. For many parents, summer vacation comes with some challenges such as child care, while for most children, it is the most awaited season of the year. It is the time when they have the freest time to enjoy various activities with friends or family such as chilling at the beach, seeing old friends, or joining international summer camps.

The summer holiday period varies from one country to another. In the United States or Eastern Europe, for example, summer vacation takes approximately two to three months while in Germany and the rest part of Western and Central Europe, it goes for around three to six weeks.  


According to myth, the summer holiday is believed to have started from the agrarian calendar, dating back to farm cycles and harvests in the 1800s. It is the time where children take time off to help their parents at the farm.


There are hundreds of enriching and fun activities that children can enjoy all around the globe during the summer holiday, whether indoor or outdoor. In Japan, for example, there are five customs for children to do. One of them is  Raising a beetle.

While countryside kids can catch their beetles in the wild, city-slickers usually get theirs at pet shops or from older friends. The beetles are then kept in cages and fed treats like cucumber and watermelon every day. 


Though it may seem different, summer camps in Europe are increasingly becoming popular. There are quite a variety of children summer camp programs that are designed for children’s interests, passions, or needs without sacrificing their enjoyment. 

Summer camps are a selected type of community where kids or young learners come and get together, build rapport, learn, play, and improve together. Visiting junior summer camps or sending children to them is one of the ultimate summer activities children could appreciate. This can be an excellent experience for them while at the same time, developing language skills and making room for their growth as individual learners and get connected to new international friends.

“Children will discover pristine nature, flora, and fauna and seek inspiration in places of tranquillity and energy” as one of the summer camps in Germany offers.

Summer experiences are handpicked to personal aspirations and interests ranging from Sports & Activities, Academic, or Language programs. It is well-known that educational institutes in Europe are some of the best and most prestigious in the world. 

Besides, developing language skills in English, German, Spanish or French, is one of the exciting activities children could do at summer camps. Learning a new language helps stimulate a child’s curiosity. And by acquiring this, joining a summer program for young learners is an excellent start. 


Children lead a busy life during the school year, and while they also have break time or recess to play with other children, they don’t get a lot of chances to move around.

“We know that kids need a break. They need time for free, unstructured play. They need downtime. They need time to be not in adult-driven situations. They need time for kids to lead and take the initiative and create their games and play and be with nature,”

said Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

Summer camps are essential because it provides children with the opportunity to grow, to take a break from daily activities at schools, schedules. They also allow children to discover their hidden talents, bring out their creativity while not overthinking of homework and other stuff that hinder their abilities.

According to Nicole Yohelam, Director, Learning and Research Forum for Youth Investment, Washington D.C, young people need an environment that offers positive peer and adult relationships, guidance, structure, high expectations, and opportunities to try new things. She said that summer camps could be used as a positive and useful framework to help children’s development.

Joining children summer camps or spending summer vacation at home or abroad, regardless of the destination is significant to the children’s well-being.

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