Terms & Conditions

RebootGo runs the website RebootGo.com and its further domains, which directs the visitor to the website and all of its other sub-domains. The purpose of the website for the visitor (private and professional third parties) is to be able to book accommodation and additional travel packages at language schools in different areas around the world, hosts and providers of travel packages. The language school, hosts and service providers deal with own accounts.


    1. Use of this website

Your utilisation of this site is dependent upon your irreversible acknowledgment without change of these terms of use (the ‘Terms’) and you consent to utilise this site as per and subject to these ‘Terms’. The Terms as constructed hereunder comprise the whole understanding among you and RebootGo.com. If by any chance you don’t check or acknowledge these Terms, do not utilise this site. By going through any section of the RebootGo.com site, you agree to be bound by these Terms. As a state of your utilisation of this website, you assure RebootGo.com that you won’t utilise this website for any reason that is unlawful or restricted by these Terms.

    2. Prior to your booking:

        (i) Insurance

We explicitly encouraged to all students to buy insurance in the event of the need to get back home earlier than expected, medical circumstances and other erratic conditions.

        (ii) Health declaration

If by any chance you have any diseases, allergy or incapacity, this must be accounted for to the service providers at the point of finalisation of the booking.

         (iii) Visa approval

It is duty of the student to organise all relevant travel authorisations or visas and to have a valid passport. RebootGo.com is not accountable for deciding if a student requires a visa. Visa guidelines change occasionally hence we firmly encourage you to get in touch with the appropriate Embassy/Consulate in your nation for updated legal information.

    3. Service instructions

This website has been formed and is managed by RebootGo Limited. It is an Irish organisation with address at Clifton House Office 70, Fitzwilliam Street Lower, Dublin 2. We function as a third-party linking language schools, hosts and clients so as to give our clients the likelihood to look for and book language courses, places to stay and further services on the internet. We don’t give, possess or manage any educational and/or housing services and specifically we do not give, claim or manage any school program as well as housing and any portrayals to the opposite are false. Our provision is built on information and the services offered by the language schools, host, clients and the service providers overall. Notwithstanding to the RebootGo.com Terms and Conditions, students are likewise dependent upon the standards and guidelines administering the specific language school they are visiting and/or additionally the specific housing reserved and any applicable service booked. RebootGo.com is not obligated for accidents or injury caused to people or possessions emerging from the contract between the client and the service providers chosen and all disagreements among you and the service providers must be settled as between the sides.

At the point when you book with RebootGo.com you profit by having the official cost for that course or housing, specialised and pleasant client support should you have any inquiries or issues with your booking and we will try to aid the manner in which we can should any complications emerge.

    4. Booking permission

The “Place Order” page button will take you through a brisk, easy to understand online application system where you put in your own information and need to choose the payment option. When a language school or host have has been selected by you and a deposit has been paid, the service providers will approve accessibility of the services you desire, when the school approve availability for those services, you will get an authorisation email. Your place on any course and/or housing is not completely authorised until such time as these payments have been paid, and the relevant service providers have authorised this charge. Inability to come up with all required funds preceding arrival may cause loss of your position. We suggest to cover the expenses in total two weeks before the course start date. Your booking will be transferred to in the currency of the school. Your enrolment (booking) is an official understanding for you to finish the course and cover the expenses in total. If by any chance that instalment is not obtained in full, the student will not be permitted to begin the course. Letter of Acceptance will not be given until full payment has been obtained. All bank or credit charges needs to be paid by you. While we forward the particulars of your booking to the service providers chosen, we cannot ensure the course reservation until all expenses due are completely paid. Nonetheless, we will give a valiant effort to assist you in your preferred course and housing. Students who require a visa to enter a country or region should book the course and housing in any event two months ahead of time. No flight ticket needs to be bought until RebootGo.com authorises the student’s place in the language school as well as housing. You are required to keep us and the service providers up-to-date regarding any modifications of address, your contact specifications and emergency contacts. Please, check beneath for additional particulars of our privacy statement and data protection policy and in the event that you have any complications with your booking, please get in touch with us.

    5. Cancellations and reimbursement

        (i) General policy

By reserving a spot through us with service providers, you acknowledge and consent to the appropriate cancellation and refund policy of that specific service provider, and to any extra (delivery) terms and conditions of the service providers that may apply to your booking or during your visit, including for services rendered and/or packages provided by the service providers (the delivery terms and conditions of a language school can be attained through the appropriate language school). The general cancellation and refund policy of every language school is made accessible on our site at the language school detail pages, during the booking process and in the authorisation email. Please pay attention that specific prices or particular offers are not entitled for termination or change. Please check the course and/or housing particulars carefully for any such conditions before reservation. The client needs to acknowledge the terms and conditions of the service providers preceding booking. The service provider is exclusively accountable for the accuracy of the data in the terms and conditions. It is the obligation of the guest to explain any uncertainty about the terms and conditions of the service provider preceding the booking. In the event that you wish to check, alter or revoke your booking, it would be ideal if you return to the authorisation email and adhere to the directions in that. Please note that you might be charged for your termination as per the service provider’s cancellation and refund policy. We suggest that you read the cancellation and refund policy of the service providers wisely before reserving your spot. The deposit paid online is refundable as per the terms set out by the service providers preceding course start date. The managerial and banking costs will be taken from any refund arranged. The booking is dependent upon the service providers’ own cancellation policy. An administration fee might be debited by the service providers in case of termination. We suggest you read the cancellation policy of the service providers cautiously. RebootGo.com will not debit any extra termination fee. If by any chance you cancel more than a month prior to the beginning of the course most of the service providers may not calculate a withdrawal fee or will essentially calculate the inscription costs, which will have paid as a portion of the course charges, as cancellation costs. You are firmly encouraged to keep insurance in the event that you cannot begin or to finish your course for reasons beyond your ability.

        (ii) Cancellation by the service providers

We put forth all practical attempts to offer the courses as described on our website. Infrequently, the service providers need to make changes to and fix mistakes in catalogues and further details both when appointments have been approved and terminate approved appointments. While the service providers consistently try to bypass changes and terminations, they should maintain whatever authority is needed to do as such. Most modifications are small. If by any chance we need to make a huge modification or termination, we will let you know at the earliest opportunity. On the off chance that there is an opportunity to do as such before the flight, we will offer you the option of the accompanying choices: (for noteworthy changes) agreeing to the changed plans or buying an alternate course from us, of a comparative level to that initially reserved if obtainable (if the picked substitute is more affordable than your first one, we will discount the difference yet on the off chance that it is more costly, we will request that you pay the difference) or terminating or agreeing to the termination where in this case you will get monies you have paid to the service providers. Please pay attention, the above alternatives are not obtainable where any change made is a small one. No reimbursement will be payed and the above alternatives won’t be obtainable on the off chance that we cancel because of your inability to agree to any necessity of these booking conditions enabling us to cancel, (for example, paying on schedule). In the event that your booking has been terminated by the service providers, you will obtain an email to affirm your termination. In the event that you do not obtain the termination email, please check your Spam/junk section of your email account to check whether the email is well received. On the off chance that you have not obtained a termination email in your inbox or Spam/junk section, kindly contact our customer support. Any modification to the dates of your visit of a ‘Special Offer’ or ‘Non-Refundable’ booking will be billed by the service providers and is non-refundable because of the special offer. RebootGo.com will not agree to any accountability for damages, extra costs or any case at all because of changes in housing or other educational services, illness, weather conditions, strikes or some other reason. Every such misfortune, extra costs or claims will be carried by you except if in any case arranged among you and the service provider.

        (iii) Cancellation due to visa refusal:

In the event that you have been denied visa you should notify us as soon as possible, inability to inform us with under 14 days before the course start date will bring about refund denial. In the occurrence of visa refusal into the nation where you reserve your course, formal documents of the submission denial and original papers from the language school (Letter of Acceptance) needs to be forwarded to us before refund can be contemplated. No refund will be given where original papers have not been obtained. You should send these papers by registered post and send by email to info@RebootGo.com. Where refund is to be given because of visa denial, full course and housing expenses will be refunded minus potential bank or credit card fees. Please be aware that each school own their special visa refusal cancelation policy and some expense might be calculated by the language school because of this. You can obtain the visa refusal policy of the specific school in the school page on our site. RebootGo.com nor the service providers will not give any refund where: a) visa has been rejected earlier b) where visa is declined and/or potentially terminated because of inadequate participation c) where the applicable Home Office, Embassy, Consulate or port of Entry immigration authorities accept that you are not a genuine or real student and along these lines declines visa and/or access to the nation where you reserve your course/housing d) if a student exits the nation throughout the course and its refused return to the nation e) if issue is awaiting decision f) where any evidence was fabricated.

    6. Termination

Termination implies ending or withdrawing from all or part of the course as well as housing once the course has begun. In the event that you choose to end your course anytime subsequent to the initial date no refund will be made of educational cost, housing or booking expenses by RebootGo.com. Termination is in violation of the service providers’ termination policy. On the off chance that you wish to end your course as well as housing service providers may approach you for at least 6 weeks notice in written form so as to give you a refund to any course that has not been used and/or housing, minus this notification period and the course or potentially housing reservation expense. Please check the particular terms of the service providers profile you have chosen before reserving a course as you will be required to oblige by these particular terms and conditions once you affirm the booking.

    7. Public holidays

Classes will not take place and most of the language school offices are shut on public holidays. Most available courses begin on Monday, if Monday is a public holiday classes will begin on Tuesday. No refunds, discounts or other types of payment will be given for classes not accessible on public holidays.

    8. Pick up transfer

In the event that you have booked a pick up and/or drop off service you should notify us with your accurate flight itinerary no less than 1 week before your arrival. You ought to search for a driver with a sign in the arrival’s hall with your service provider’s name or/and your name and possibly their name written on the sign. On the off chance that your flight was late over 30 minutes you might be at risk for extra charges. In the event that you cannot locate your driver and you choose to depart without reaching the service providers you will not be enabled for a refund. You should call service providers if by any chance in the event that you cannot locate your driver before you choose to take other transportation.

    9. Housing and Accommodation

Housing and accommodation are offered by the language school and their providers if students reserve a full-time course for the equivalent duration and time. Any such expenses which might be essential for certain kinds of housing, will be expected while booking and reimbursed when the rental period is finished depending on the prerequisite that no damage of the property occurs.

    10. Liability

Our administration depends on data given by service providers. In spite of the fact that we will give our best attempt to guarantee that all data given on this site is exact, we cannot ensure that all data is complete and without errors, nor would we be able to be considered accountable for disruptions, mistakes, spelling errors or non-providing of data.

        (i) Content changes

Service providers cannot be considered liable for any modifications that emerge or mistakes that may have happened. RebootGo.com cannot be held responsible for modifications to any of the material, or items and services available on this website at any given time exclusive of notice. Likewise, RebootGo.com makes no portrayals or guarantees to the precision or comprehensiveness of the data available on the website. All reservations for courses and housing services on this website are made directly with the service providers involved and not with RebootGo.com. We just aid and simplify the creation of booking with the service providers. RebootGo.com is not involved with the agreement among you and the service providers. Before reservation, you ought to guarantee that you have read the service providers’ terms and conditions and that they are suitable for you. RebootGo.com will not the slightest bit be responsible for you if the course or housing services are not appropriate for your intention and this is an issue to be managed among you and the service providers being referred to.

        (ii) Links to third parties’ sites

This site can have hyperlinks to sites controlled by organisations which are not RebootGo.com. These hyperlinks are offered for only your reference, as we give you additional facilities on this website. RebootGo.com does not operate these sites and is not accountable for their material or links available for these pages. They are covered by third party copyright. The incorporation of hyperlinks on this site to different pages and websites does not suggest any support of the content on these sites or any affiliation with their administrators.

        (iii) Copyright

No sections of this website may be replicated, completely or to a limited extent, in any capacity, without getting the written permission of RebootGo.com. The first English form of these terms and conditions may have been converted into different languages. The interpreted form is a courtesy and office interpretation in particular and you cannot receive any rights from the interpreted variant. In case of a disagreement about the material or understanding of these terms and conditions or irregularity or disagreement between the English form and some other language variation of these terms and conditions, the English language variant to the degree allowed by law will be valid, succeed and be definite.