LAL Torbay – Internship Programme – Study & Work Placement

Age: 18 - 25 years
Level: A2-B1
Duration: 4-12 weeks



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LAL will provide you with an experience that will stay with you for life, opportunities to use the English language like never before with beautiful places, new friends and activities.
This is a benefit as these experiences will stay with you in the long-term. It is not your traditional educational institute as the learning will go outside the classroom and into the real world in real places.
The hands-on experience will provide you with beautiful moments and different overall outlook on life by being a part of the LAL community.

Each personal circumstance is vital to us; that is why LAL offers courses and experiences for different people and situations from English for work, travel or study. You will talk free about your own lives while meeting new friends and learning.
Your progress will be closely followed and monitored by the school and teachers. You will receive daily feedback from your teachers, weekly written or aural tests as well as the end of level examinations.
The most important aspects of language learning will be covered with, writing, speaking, listening and reading. The education will not stop there as you will have access to LAL’s online learning platform for extra homework and knowledge.
Your learning is tailored to your needs, contributing to the planning and adapting your lessons and experiences. This means that you will discuss what kind of material and topics you want to cover with your teacher and classmates for a perfect personalised learning experience.
You will be encouraged to use English inside and outside of the classroom. This will provide you with practical experience, and it will build your confidence in the long run.
The professional staff will provide a fun and enjoyable experience.


This is one of England’s most famous beach resorts along with Paignton, Brixham and Torquay. The scenery here is marvellous, and it has beautiful weather so that you have a sunny and warm beach experience. You will get to know people who also share passions as you. You can take long walks on the beach, enjoy the quality of life and try local food in a pure area.


The school is in a lovely suburban location, only a brief walk to the city centre. You will feel connected to all sites as the local transport will get you to places such as Exeter, Plymouth and the areas around the Bay. Around the coastline, you can find traditional English villages and cottages, which is an incredible sight.


LAL has a philosophy of learning English inside and outside the classroom in real-world situations while having fun at the same time. For this exact reason, there are many excursions to beautiful places to see and experience. The following social and cultural programs are available in Torbay:

  • Instagram Snaps Competition
  • Escape Room
  • Wine Tasting
  • Rock Climbing
  • Cocktail Competition
  • Yoga at the Beach
  • Street Food Tours
  • Long-boarding
  • Water Sports
  • Adventure Hikes
  • Hidden Site Tours
  • Free Wifi is available for use in the entire school
  • Computer and tablet access throughout the school
  • Student lounge for relaxing and socialising
  • Library and bookshop for effective learning
  • Garden for an outdoor place to relax or mix with your friends
  • Air conditioning for the perfect temperature
  • Wheelchair access so that everybody can join in the fun
  • On-site café for whenever you are hungry
  • 31 classrooms
  • Max class size of 15 students
  • Running Club
  • Chat Club
  • Book Club, Shop and Library
  • Film Club
  • Study Club
  • Qualified teaching staff to make sure you are learning the right things
  • University Study Focus
  • University Admissions Workshop
  • Many different kinds of courses
  • A broad mix of nationalities
  • Residence on-site
  • Superb customer service
  • Excellent premises (a large number of classrooms, internet study room, garden and patio)
  • Course books that are very detailed in all aspects of English language learning
  • The syllabus is comprehensive and modern, with an emphasis on student interests
  • An online platform is available for studying and learning
  • Current teaching and learning methods along with the most up to date classroom technology
  • WIFI, computer and internet access are free

Extra: Accommodation placement – 39 €