Studio Cambridge Virtual – English Plus Junior

Age Group: 8-12/ 13-17 years +
Level: All
Lessons per week: 3
Duration: 1-11 weeks, 3 days a week
Starting Dates: every Tuesday/ Thursday 17:00-18:30, Saturday 09:00 -10:30

Studio Cambridge Virtual – General English

Age Group: 16 years +
Level: All
Lessons per week: 3
Duration: 1-11 weeks, 3 days a week
Starting Dates: every Monday/ Wednesday 18:00-19:30, Saturday 09:00 -10:30


Studio Cambridge is driven by the mission to bring together people from all parts of the world and learn English in England. This will result in people being more culturally aware, increased tolerance and overall intellectual curiosity. The learning environment provided by the school is safe and home-like. Along with learning English, the students will be able to learn about British life, culture and history. The school is also accredited and a member of Full Circle Education Group of Schools, British Council, English UK, IALC, IELTS and Cambridge Assessment English.
Even though the school is large and well-known, the students will be treated with a lot of care.
The school has an imposing reputation as being one of the longest-established English language schools in Britain from its foundation in 1954. There is a wide choice of courses which are taught by highly professional and qualified teachers.


Studio Cambridge is located in Cambridge, England, which is already world-famous for its colleges and education.
Along with its many years of teaching experience, a university is also a place of research and invention with the companies of Microsoft, Apple and ARM centred here.
The primary school is open throughout the whole year, and it is based in historic buildings from the 19th century which belong to Cambridge University.


Studio Cambridge online English courses for adults are taught by highly experienced native-speaker teachers who offer training in all areas of English. Lessons are held in online classrooms using Zoom. The course is available for all levels. Before the start, students will be assessed and placed in a class according to their level.

  • Qualified teaching staff to make sure you are learning the right things and having fun
  • Over 67 years of experience in giving English language course
  • Small class sizes
  • Fun, friendly and safe learning environment
  • Flexibility and personal care
  • Professional tuition
  • Learning materials
  • End of course certificate
  • Personal tutorials
  • Study plan
  • Placement test
  • Progress test
  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • Group size: up to 8 students
  • Classrooms equipped with technology to aid teaching
  • High-quality classrooms that are comfortable and modern
  • Learning Centre with self-study library