EC Virtual – French Conversation and Grammar

Important information:
Age Group: 16 years +
Level: All
Hours per week: 7.5
Duration: 1-11 weeks, 5 days a week
Starting Dates: every Monday

EC Virtual – French Conversation and Listening

Age Group: 16 years +
Level: All
Hours per week: 4.5
Duration: 1-11 weeks, 3 days a week
Starting Dates: every Monday

EC Virtual – French Grammar in Context

Age Group: 16 years +
Level: All
Hours per week: 3
Duration: 1-11 weeks, 2 days a week
Starting Dates: every Tuesday

EC Virtual – French TEFAQ Prep

Age Group: 16 years +
Level: min. Intermediate+
Hours per week: 2
Duration: 4 or 8 weeks, 1 day a week
Starting Dates: every Monday


Welcome to the EC family! EC Schools are very prestigious language centres of the French and English language, which has gained an impeccable worldwide reputation for its wide range of courses and the high level of tuition. Now EC is a leader in comprehensive education. Its motto is to inspire students, empower, share knowledge, and create success. All the schools are accredited by the leading associations in their respective countries and are members of major international organisations. EC Schools has received numerous awards and prizes in the educational industry.
Even if you have a busy schedule, want to attend one of the courses, and be a part of a multi-national experience – EC live online classes allow you to prefer a plan suiting your routine. So, whether you learn full-time or part-time, whether you study for university, for a hobby, or work, you can do the best comfortably from your residence and interact with classmates worldwide.


Schools are situated in the most attractive destinations. EC live online French will be delivered from the schools in Montreal.


The live online courses suit everyone from beginners to advanced level and are flexible in a limited or a full time. EC Virtual is adjustable to your wishes and requirements. You can choose the course tailored to your lifestyle and needs, improving your English skills in all areas without leaving home. You are not able to travel but enthusiastic to study with students from all over the earth. Flexibility is the heart of EC Virtual teaching across numerous time zones with various lessons intenseness.


Post-study students can take part during three months in online social activities via Teams.

  • Access to qualified teachers
  • Full access to a large number of self-study materials
  • Group size: 8 – max 10 students
  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • FREE access to Microsoft Office during the course
  • Students have access to study material, social programmes on Teams and National Geographic
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Face-to-face virtual English lessons and Learner Oriented Assessment
  • Frequent speaking and writing tests
  • English language online workshops and activities
  • Extra: Coursebooks €21