Meridian Portsmouth – General English Course

Minimum Age: 16+ years
Maximum class size: 8
Levels: A1 - C1
Hours: 15 - 23 hours per week
Individual learning plan

Meridian Portsmouth – Exam Preparation

IELTS general and academic certificates
Minimum entry: FCE – B1, CAE – B2
Maximum class size: 8
Hours: 23 hours per week (15 hrs General English / 8 hrs Exam Preparation)
Exam centre on-site

Meridian Portsmouth – One to One

Age: 16+ (students under 16 can be accepted into a closed group)
Maximum class size: 1 - 2
Levels: A1 - C1
Hours: 1 – 23 hours per week
Any starting date


Meridian has been teaching students English since 1979. The schools are based in 2 locations in the South of England. These are Plymouth and Portsmouth. Meridian offers courses for adults while also providing full support so that the experience will be great and so goals are met.
Meridian offers professional service, from expert staff to the dynamic environment provided for students. Special time will be given to each student and their individual needs and aims.
The classes will be international as there will be a lot of different people who you can befriend and share experiences. This will help the teachers to teach the courses in a controlled and internationally appropriate system. The students can enjoy their surroundings, especially with the contrast in the countryside and seaside.


Portsmouth is a lively city right on the shore with excellent museums, musical venues, modern galleries and outstanding shopping options.
It is unique Britain’s city located on an island with a fantastic view of the coastline. It also has excellent links to London, which is roughly 1.5 hours away. It is the perfect destination to create learning and life experiences.
The school is located in the impressive Guildhall on the third floor. The building was built in 1890 by architect William Hill who is known for his Neo-classical style.
Connections to all international UK airports are available as well as those who would like to visit London or perhaps other countries such as France, Spain and the Channel Islands.


This location has different beautiful sights to explore nearby ranging from cultural and historic buildings, natural landscapes, museums & galleries, shopping and restaurant destinations.
Portsmouth is known for being the home of Nelson’s HMS Victory, the Historic Dockyard and the Sherlock Holmes exhibition. It is the birthplace of some famous historical writers such as Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling and H.G. Wells.


Meridian is lucky to be located in England’s most beautiful regions. This gives students the chance to take part in the many cultural excursions on offer. The students will apply their English skills during everyday scenarios.

Spinnaker Tower
The Spinnaker Tower has a height of 170 metres, and it is the most well-known landmark in Portsmouth. Three viewing decks are available who would like to check out the view of each angle of the town.

Fort Nelson
This fort was built in the 1860s with its purpose being mainly for defence. It was historically significant for the protection of the dockyard against possible French invasion, but luckily this never happened. It currently belongs to the Royal Armouries and stores a wide range of artillery from locations around the world.

This is a city which is widely regarded as one of the best to live in the UK, and it has significant historical significance dating back to before the Romans came to the city.
Its most famous landmark is the Winchester Cathedral, and it is also one of the biggest in Europe. The only castle part in its original form is the Winchester Great Hall where tourists often come to see the round table.

British royalty often visits this perfect British seaside resort which makes it also famous for tourists. It includes an excellent shopping strip called The Lanes with its many independent shops as well as rides and attractions on the pier.
It is a perfect one-day trip. The city usually is very culturally diverse, and it holds the Pride festival annually.

London is a trendy city that is marvellous to visit. During this trip, there will be a lot of sightseeing as London has many noteworthy sites such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, London Eye, and Downing Street.
You can visit the famous British Museum, Natural History Museum and National Gallery. There are many beautiful areas to shop in, including Oxford Street, Covent Garden and Camden Town.

This city is mostly known for its world-famous Oxford University. The city’s nickname is ‘City of Dreaming Spires’. The university has also been used in many TV shows and films the most notable being in the Harry Potter movie series as the Great Hall of Christ Church portrayed as the Hogwarts dining hall.

Meridian offers various free and paid social activities:

Late afternoon:

  • Culture Club
  • Conversation Club
  • Cream tea


  • Karaoke and other Social Evenings
  • Dinners out
  • Bowling night
  • Classrooms equipped with technology to aid teaching
  • Many accreditations
  • Small class sizes (max 8)
  • Use of online interactive activities to support learning
  • Recreational is for students
  • Free Wi-Fi and computer area
  • Rooms for study and quiet
  • 24-hour welfare support
  • 24 emergency phone support
  • Schools are set in historic buildings
  • Central accommodation which is only walking distance to the school
  • Excellent locations by the sea
  • Fun, friendly and safe learning environment
  • Qualified teaching staff to make sure you are learning the right things and having fun
  • 40 years of experience in giving English language course
  • Free cultural activities
  • Multilingual staff in case of queries and booking help
  • Excellent feedback from students
  • Flexibility and personal care
  • Professional tuition
  • Placement test to assess language level
  • End of course certificate
  • Individual learning Plan (for 4+ week students)
  • Emotional mentoring and welfare support
  • Learning materials
  • Evening social activities
  • 24/7 emergency helpline