Meridian Plymouth – General English Course

Minimum Age: 16+ years
Maximum class size: 8
Levels: A1 - C1
Hours: 15 - 23 hours per week
Individual learning plan

Meridian Plymouth – Exam Preparation

IELTS general and academic certificates
Minimum entry: FCE – B1, CAE – B2
Maximum class size: 8
Hours: 23 hours per week (15 hrs General English / 8 hrs Exam Preparation)
Exam centre on-site

Meridian Plymouth – One to One

Age: 16+ (students under 16 can be accepted into a closed group)
Maximum class size: 1 - 2
Levels: A1 - C1
Hours: 1 – 23 hours per week
Any starting date


Meridian has been teaching students English since 1979. The schools are based in 2 locations in the South of England. These are Plymouth and Portsmouth. Meridian offers courses for adults while also providing full support so that the experience will be tremendous and goals are met.

Meridian offers professional service, from expert staff to the dynamic environment provided for students. Particular time will be given to each student and their individual needs and aims.

The classes will be international as there will be a lot of different people who you can befriend and share experiences. The students enjoy their surroundings, especially with the contrast in the countryside and seaside.


Plymouth is also known as being ‘Britain’s Ocean City’. It is the place for Mayflower Steps, and even where the Pilgrim Fathers started discovering the New World.

Over 260,000 people live in this city where everyone is friendly and hospitable for students that come to Meridian. It is also the home of Plymouth University, which is one of the most prominent universities in the UK and ranks highly on the global best university lists.


This location has different beautiful sights to explore nearby ranging from cultural and historic buildings, natural landscapes, museums & galleries, shopping and restaurant destinations.

Plymouth is filled with activities and fun things to do. In the outskirts of the city, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent countryside views in this famous holiday city. It also has lovely coastal views; a rich history and it has made home to a lot of world events.


Meridian is lucky to be located in England’s most beautiful regions. This gives students the chance to take part in the many cultural excursions on offer. The students have an opportunity to use English skills during everyday situations.

National Marine Aquarium
This aquarium is based in the Barbican zone of Plymouth. It is known for being the giant aquarium in the UK and is also famous for holding the most bottomless tank. Many beautiful creatures can be viewed from sharks to octopuses.

Mount Edgcumbe
This Country Park is available to visit by ferry from Plymouth. It is only a short ride. Walking along the coast and viewing the landscaped gardens. You can also visit Mount Edgcumbe Stately Home which has a beautiful view of the island and Plymouth.

Morewellham Quay
This is a small town which was built based on Cornwall’s tin mining industry. It is located close to the River Tamar. You will have an excellent historical experience at Morwellham Quay, living through historical events and exhibits such as life in a Victorian school, make your rope and even chocolate.

Eden Project
They are based around the scenic views of Cornwall. The Eden Project is home to over 100.000 plants which are part of over 5000 species. The plants are gathered from all corners of the planet from all kinds of habitats.

Looe is located in Cornwall, was founded as a small fishing village and is a trendy tourist destination today. The beach is a sunny place to relax while looking at the coast.

Meridian offers various free and paid social activities:

Late afternoon:

  • Culture Club
  • Conversation Club
  • Cream tea


  • Karaoke and other Social Evenings
  • Dinners out
  • Bowling night
  • Classrooms equipped with technology to aid teaching
  • Many accreditations
  • Small class sizes (max 8)
  • Use of online interactive activities to support learning
  • Recreational is for students
  • Free Wi-Fi and computer area
  • Rooms for study and quiet
  • 24-hour welfare support
  • 24 emergency phone support
  • Schools are set in historic buildings
  • Central accommodation which is only walking distance to the school
  • Excellent locations by the sea
  • Fun, friendly and safe learning environment
  • Qualified teaching staff to make sure you are learning the right things and having fun
  • 40 years of experience in giving English language course
  • Free cultural activities
  • Multilingual staff in case of queries and booking help
  • Excellent feedback from students
  • Flexibility and personal care
  • Professional tuition
  • Placement test to assess language level
  • End of course certificate
  • Individual learning Plan (for 4+ week students)
  • Emotional mentoring and welfare support
  • Learning materials
  • Evening social activities
  • 24/7 emergency helpline