LAL London Junior – Classic Twickenham Summer

For age: 12-17 years
Course duration: 1-4 weeks
Course dates: 4 July – 1 August
Residence accommodation with full board

LAL London Junior – Premium Twickenham Summer

For age: 12-17 years
Course duration: 2 weeks
Course dates: 4 July – 1 August
Residence accommodation with full board

LAL London Junior – Day

For age: 12+ years
Course duration: 1+ weeks


LAL has more than 25 years of experience in managing young learners from the whole world.
The dedicated welfare staff ensures the top priority – student’s well-being and safety.
Enjoy fun-packed courses and make experiences of your lifetime.
All courses are developed for young learners allowing them to use English in fun and informative ways, using exciting and exciting games, competitions, and projects in live situations, so they continue to learn and enjoy English.
LAL professional teaching staff ensures an excellent learning experience. Liveliness, passion, and caring are taken into consideration finding teachers for Young Learner Courses.
Quiet locations and LAL activity leaders make local attractions and activities safe for having a wonderful time with friends.
Allowing students to feel positive and confident in speaking English is a high priority for all LAL staff.
Over 100 various nationalities are visiting LAL schools each year. This allows young learners to explore local culture together with great new friends from different countries.


This is a Summer school with a real London feeling and experience.
Even though St. Mary’s University was founded in 1850, it is still regarded as very modern.
It is located in a suburb of Twickenham called Strawberry Hill in the south-west of London. One of its unique features is the Strawberry Hill House, a neo-Gothic castle dating back to 1747.


Classic London Experience – including one full day and four half-day excursions per week.
Premium London Experience – including one full day and four half-day enhanced excursions per week with one extra full-day tour in 2 weeks.
Summer School Homestay – 1 full day and one half-day excursion per week. 2 evenings at the Homestay.


  • All residential accommodation is watched overnight by LAL staff
  • Entry to the residence only with an adult supervisor
  • Free weekly laundry service
  • One large dining hall with fresh food from local distributions


  • Up to 6 residential blocks available
  • Two options of single rooms
  • Shared bathrooms
  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Single Rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Lounge area
  • On-site cafeteria
  • Tennis courts, sports fields, sports hall, and basketball courts
  • Large and spacious classrooms are located centrally on campus
  • Audio/visual technology
  • Maximum of 15 students
  • Tests online for written and on-site tests for oral skills of students
  • End of course progress test
  • Students from all over the world
  •  15 hours per week
  • Daily daytime and evening activities
  • Placement test
  • School induction
  • Accommodation with full board
  • Local tour
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Top leisure and excursion program
  • 24-hour supervision and support by LAL staff
  • Catering
  • Transfers – London Heathrow
  • Health and travel insurance