CES Dublin – Standard + Activity Summer

Enrolment for individuals every Monday
Course dates: 14th June - 13th August 2021
Ages: 14 - 17
6 Levels: Beginner to Advanced
15 lessons per week
Homestay accommodation with full board

CES Dublin – Intensive + Activity Summer

Enrolment for individuals every Monday
Course dates: 14th June - 13th August 2021
Ages: 14 - 17
6 Levels: Beginner to Advanced
20 lessons per week
Homestay accommodation with full board

CES Dublin – English + Rugby

Course dates: 05 July - 16 July 2021; 19 July - 30 July 2021
Ages: 14 - 17
6 Levels: Beginner to Advanced
15 English lessons + 5 Rugby activities per week
Homestay accommodation with full board

CES Dublin – FCE Exam Preparation + Activity

Course dates: 05 July - 30 July 2021
Ages: 14 - 17
2 Levels: Upper-Intermediate, Advanced
15 lessons per week
Homestay accommodation with full board


CES was founded in 1979 in Dublin. A family-run language school with over 40 years experience in International Education has grown today into one of the most known and best trusted international language school worldwide. Students from 98 countries enjoy excellent facilities around locations in Ireland, England, Scotland and Canada.
CES was one of the first Irland schools, which operated a Junior English Language and Activity programme. The international mix of students is one of the key factors for the success of CES Junior Summer Programmes.
From over 50 countries every summer, CES welcomes clients, so students have a real chance to make friends with soulmates from all over the globe.
Each centre has a dedicated team to coordinate an entirely varied social and cultural programme for you.
Weekly theme projects are involved in afternoon cultural visits, where students enrich their English skills; they have developed during classes.
Fun activities like CES Olympics, yoga, Zumba, arts & crafts, and various sports are well established.
You chance also visits many of the most world-famous tourist attractions.
All CES schools offer carefully selected variety of homestay and residence accommodation.
The British Council nationally accredits CES schools in the UK, The Irish Department of Education in Ireland, and Language Canada in Canada.
All CES teachers meet the high standards of safeguarding and have an international reputation for quality teaching and staff friendliness.
Currently, junior summer Centres are running in fantastic locations in Dublin, Toronto, Worthing, Edinburgh, Oxford and Leeds.

CES Oxford Summer Ruskin College is a favourite destination for students worldwide in a safe and relaxed environment.
Centre in Headington is 10 minutes by bus from the centre of the city.
All bedrooms and canteen facilities are situated on the college perfect place for visiting, studying and enjoying Oxford.

CES Junior General English – 20 Lessons per week

Young learners have an opportunity to improve English language skills in a fun, welcoming and challenging environment, using CES long-running International Junior Summer School programme.
The main focus of the CES Programme is communicative and is dedicated to developing and enrich language skills.
CES target on developing core language skills, with a particular focus on listening and speaking.
Students are using authentic English language materials and take part in role-plays, debates and interactive tasks, which develop confidence and fluency.
Also, you will be encouraged to improve presentation skills and methods with the tasks researching and giving presentations on topic projects.
Each class process a weekly progress test focused on weeks learnings aims.
Students have as usual two teachers, from whom students can expect to receive homework and feedback.

CES Junior Super Intensive – 26 Lessons per week

Intensive courses develop your language skills more deeply through additional afternoon lessons.
These lessons generally succeed in smaller classes and can be aimed for preparation for future exams.
Weekend and evening social programme enables your genuine cultural experience.

  • Student standard room & shop
  • Full grass football/rugby pitches
  • Outdoor hockey and five-a-side football pitches
  • Gymnasium
  • Music room
  • Student library
  • Computer access for all group leaders
  • Table tennis room
  • Study material
  • Learner diary
  • Full board accommodation
  • 20-25 walking minutes from school
  • 14/7 helpline
  • All homestays are visited by CES team
  • Homestay accommodation with full board
  • Entry-level test at the beginning
  • Welcome pack
  • 20 lessons/15 hours tuition p/w in multinational classes
  • Certificate of Attendance and personal report
  • Coursebook rental
  • Additional course materials
  • Airport transfers
  • Supervised social, sport and cultural programme
  • Full and half-day excursion
  • Sports day
  • One disco p/w
  • Bowling
  • Fish and Chips in Howth
  • One Saturday full-day excursion p/w
  • 24-hour emergency helpline