CDC Radolfzell Junior – English Camp

Age Group: 11-14 years
Level: All levels
Lessons per week: 20 English lessons
Duration: 1-4 weeks
Residence accommodation with full board
Starting Dates 2022: April 18/ June 6/ August 1/ August 8/ August 15/ August 22/ October 31


Carl Duisberg Centre is a high-quality education centre in the areas of international training and qualifications. Life-long learning is central to its promotion by providing students with professional language courses, intercultural training, beautiful experiences abroad and work-related training.

The courses provided are aimed at all age groups and life stages, from students exploring the world for the first time to professionals who would like to improve their skills for future employability. The school also has a widespread network to serve customers wherever they may be around the world.
The core values Nine around the following five elements: Connecting people, cultures, and countries, working together to reach a common aim, serving the public good while remaining economically viable, and working with top quality standards.
The language courses are professional, targeted, and effective so that students can achieve their learning goals. All of the material and teaching methods are comprehensive and personalized so that a perfect environment can be created, which paves the way for a successful learning experience.
The school has locations in four different parts of Germany, with each city having its character and history. These locations are Berlin, Cologne, Munich, and Radolfzell on Lake Constance. Participants choose if they would like to study in one area of Germany or change to a different city.


The town of Radolfzell is in southern Germany, right next to Germany’s biggest lake (Lake Constance). There are many things to offer visitors: great views, shopping options, arts and culture, and various outdoor activities. The town’s origins date back over a thousand years, which began as an essential settlement but has grown due to its location close to the lake, a popular tourist destination. The Carl Duisberg Centre is based near a picturesque park called the ‘Stadtgarten,’ which has a fantastic view of the old part.


There are various attractions close to the training centre in Radolfzell. Lake Constance is nearby and also the borders of Switzerland and Austria. The Black Forest is also within reach. Many activities and excursions take place in the nearby natural environment.
For art lovers, the Hermann-Hesse-Museum located in Gaienhofen and the Otto-Dix-Museum in Hemmenhofen are available to check out. A well-known medieval town called Stein am Rhein is only 20 kilometres away from the school, and the largest waterfall in Europe is only a few kilometres away in Schaffhausen.


For the young learners in the centre, the following activities will be available to choose from, also including full-day trips on weekends:

Football Camp
The football activities will take place at a local football club (FC 03 Radolfzell) with native German speakers experienced football coaches where the children will learn various football drills and techniques like ball control, dribbling, passing, dummying, and shooting goals.

Urban Dance Camp
Urban dance activities will be held in a hall near the training centre. Different dance styles will be practised, such as Jazz and hip hop.

Activity Camp
Various activities will be held in the surrounding locations, focused on the exploration of Radolfzell while making international friends and using English outside of the classroom. The most common activities include fun at Lake Constance, swimming, beach volleyball, circus workshop, canoeing, visits to the wildlife and leisure park, campfires and raft building, visiting museums, sporting events.
Excursions are available to Zurich, Stuttgart, Munich, Constance, and Freiburg. For all those who would like to have a bit of fun, a visit to a famous amusement park Europapark Rust is provided.


Summer Camp Residence
The camps run at the youth education base in Ludwigshafen on Lake Constance. The lovely building with a big green proposes multiple activities and is very close to Lake Constance.
The boys and girls will be accommodated separately.
The centre has a football field and a volleyball court, a ping pong indoor table. A magnificent panorama of Lake Constance is most favourite.

Adventure Farm
All children during Easter, Whitsun and Fall will stay in an Adventure Farm located at Lochmuehle, which is about 17 kilometres away from Radolfzell. There are a lot of games and exciting activities to participate in the farm, amongst a petting zoo. A nearby restaurant will provide breakfast and dinner while lunch will be had in Radolfzell. Boys and girls will be housed in separate studios.

School Facilities:
  • 9 classrooms
  • Language Lab
  • Maximum class participants: 15
  • Maximum activity participants: 25
  • Cafeteria
  • Tea and coffee
  • Party room
  • Free Internet access and Wi-Fi
  • High standard teacher qualifications
  • Qualified teaching staff
  • Registration fee
  • English Course
  • Placement test on the day of arrival
  • Learning material both physical and online
  • Progress tests with feedback from teachers
  • Leisure program, recreational activities and excursions
  • Assistance and support for any administration problems and also in case of emergency
  • Residence accommodation
  • Full board on course dates and half board on weekends
  • Public transport pass
  • End of course certificate for participation
  • Full-time supervision and emergency phone