ActiLingua Vienna Junior – German Summer

Age Group: 12-17 years
Level: All levels
Lessons per week: 20/ 30 German lessons
Duration: 1-5 weeks
Residence accommodation with full board
Starting Dates 2022: July 3/ July 17/ July 24/ July 31; July 3/ July 17 - total beginners

ActiLingua Vienna Junior – German Holiday

Age Group: 16-19 years
Level: All levels
Lessons per week: 25/ 35 German lessons
Duration: 2-8 weeks
Student House accommodation with half board
Starting Dates 2022: July 3/ July 10/ July 17/ July 24/ July 31/ August 7/ August 14/ ; July 3/ July 31 - total beginners


Actilingua Academy is one of the leading and prestigious schools of the German language with an international reputation. The school was established in 1988, and such extensive experience helps to comply with the high standards of tuition. The variety of language courses, advanced equipment, exciting cultural and leisure activities, perfect learning environment and comfortable accommodation attract students all over the world.
Furthermore, in summer, the Academy organizes unforgettable holidays for young people 12 – 17 years and offers to hone language skills and get to know Vienna culture.


Empress Maria Thereza founded the private school. It is situated in the heart of Vienna within walking distance to many breathtakingly beautiful and outstanding sights. There is a perfect transport interchange near the school.


Vienna is such a beautiful place that is worth a visit. While studying German at ActiLingua, you will have a chance to discover Vienna on your own. It is the most liveable city: safe, clean and green in the heart of Europe. It is the city of culture and music where traditional blend inheritance and contemporary art. Walking the Vienna streets, you can see such remarkable landmarks as Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere, St. Stephen’s Cathedral which hit your fancy. Besides, it is a well-known fact that Vienna is the birthplace of famous composers: Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Johann Strauss. You can visit Vienna Opera House or Vienna Philharmonic to enjoy their beautiful music. Apart from heritage, there are many examples of modern art, majestic architecture: Haashaus, Hundertwasserhaus, UNO-City, different museums: Museumsquartier, Museum of Modern Art. Furthermore, you can visit the Kreuzenstein castle and Seegrotte Hinterbruhl. In summer, you can go to Lake Neusiedl and enjoy its beauty. Don’t lose your chance to see the magnificent beauty of majestic Vienna!


Actilingua Academy does its best to diversify your summer holidays. Along with high-class courses in the German language, the Academy ensures fascinating and varied social and cultural programs to keep you entertained after class and at the weekend. Each program is thoroughly organised, and everyone can find something interesting. In the afternoon and the evening, the Academy organises diverse cultural or sports activities 2-3 times per week.

Some of them are included:

  • Sports: beach volleyball, football, table tennis, “Olympic Games”, visits to outdoor swimming pools and Danube Island
  • Creative activities: make handicrafts, go to waltzing lessons or join a theatre group, make music
  • Other activities include excursions, films, shows, treasure hunts, barbecues, disco evenings, city walks, karaoke, welcome and farewell parties

Some of them are optional:

  • Tennis lessons
  • Weekly excursions to museums, palaces and visits to the Theatre or opera are very popular
  • Various tours e.g. to Salzburg, Wachau/Danube valley, Lake Neusied
  • Culture activities: tickets to Viennese sights
  • Concerts


    The summer school is located in central Vienna with a lot of famous landmarks nearby in Summer School Residence. There is a large green park in the middle of the school grounds where students can play football, volleyball and tennis. In the accommodation, you can choose between two types of apartments: standard and superior.


    • Commodious and comfortable 4-6 bedrooms
    • Wifi included
    • Communal Shower
    • Directly on the school area
    • Boy and girls are separated
    • Bed linen is provided


    • Spacious and well furniture 3-4 bedrooms
    • Wifi included
    • Shower in the room
    • Directly on the Summer School Campus
  • Wifi is free
  • 24 hours of support and supervision
  • Computers, books, videos
  • DVD’s, books
  • Student lounge
  • 10-15 additional classrooms
  • Partly air-conditioned
  • 20 or 30 German lessons per week
  • ActiLingua Certificate
  • Accommodation in Summer School Residence
  • Full board
  • Full supervision 24/7
  • Full activity, sport and leisure program
  • Evening activities – discos, Vienna by night, barbecue-party